SupaNova greatly appreciates the support provided by its sponsors.

We are appealing to you to support SupaNova through sponsorship on an ongoing basis or by donating money, time, expertise, goods or services.


One of our supporters, The Wealth Designers, encourages local businesses to contribute to community based activities indicating:


- Employees respect leaders that do good, and a company that gives back to its community creates a sense of pride and high regard among its employees.

- Building goodwill in your community can be as simple as sponsoring or donating to a local sporting club, school or arts organisation, or supporting environmental and green initiatives. Aside from the positive word of mouth effect this can have, your contribution can directly improve the lives of your community’s members, and effect a healthier and more prosperous future.


We truly believe the SupaNova Club will add significant value to our community by making more widely available a visually stunning, creative and strenuous sport.  Through our club, members will have the opportunity to enhance fitness and self-esteem, develop a passion for synchronised swimming and be supported in competing at the highest levels.


We can support your company by acknowledging your generosity and promoting your services in all communications including newsletters, on this website and on our Facebook page.  If you are interested, we would be very happy to discuss possible opportunities with you, please email us.