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SupaNova commenced operations in July 2015 and less than a year later made their mark on the Australian Synchronised Swimming World by coming fourth overall in the National Competition.  By providing high quality training, our athletes will have frequent opportunities to compete and succeed at local, state, national and international competitions.

Our body of coaches includes two athletes who represented Australia in synchronised swimming at the 2016 Rio Olympics.  The Club is also proud that four or our Open athletes (18 and over) and two of our Junior athletes (15-17 year age group category) have represented Australia in various international synchronised swimming championships. These athletes also contribute to club in coaching capacities. The club has also welcomed WA’s first male synchronised swimmer as both an athlete and a coach.

SupaNova enjoys much support from our home base LeisureFit Booragoon and our satellite StarBurst pools, providing us with pool time and space, a dedicated team of coaches who fit us into their own busy schedules as competitive athletes, an enthusiastic parent run committee sacrificing their own time for the betterment of our athletes and our governing State and National bodies Synchro WA and SSAI. We have also found recognition in the community with both the Mandurah Stretch Arts Festival and Perth Festival seeking to partner with us for their respective 2017 projects. Our continued challenge and focus will be to source additional pool space and attract/develop quality coaches to resource as continued increase in athlete numbers contributes to the growth of the sport in Western Australia.