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Our competitive program is for synchronised swimmers who have passed a minimum of Level 4 of the SynchroSTART program and have some basic foundation skills. Through our club, members will have the opportunity to enhance fitness and self-esteem, develop a passion for synchronised swimming and be supported in competing at the highest levels.

SupaNova offers a two competition programs that enable members to participate in State, National (held annually in either NSW, QLD, VIC or WA) and international competitions.  There are opportunities for team members to be invited to train at the Australian Institute of Sport and to climb the ranks to join the National teams that represent Australia at World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Training for the competitive program is currently based at LeisureFit Booragoon.  Fees and hours are dependant on the age group and athlete's selected program. Details of schedules and costs can be found in the club handbook

Entry to our competitive programs is by trial/selection or invitation at the end of Terms 1 and 2 only . Athletes having completed a minimum of Level 2 have the opportunity to attend trials.